An application that allows you to see metrics from your electric unicycle, write logs, and change some settings (not for all electric unicycle). Supported electric unicycle: KingSong (all models); Gotway (all models); Inmotion (all models except V11); Ninebot (Z, E +, S2); Rockwheel (some revisions); Veteran (Sherman)

WheelLog AJDM

Original WheelLog mod by @ z_z_z_77 that allows you to view the details of your electric unicycle, write them to a file, send them to electro.club, display data on Pebble, Mi Band 3/4/5 and Amazfit *


Telegram bot through which you can upload CSV and GPX tracks, add sockets to the global map, display transport information, market offers. The bot can link an site account to a Telegram account and display the profile information of other users who have made such a link