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EUC Rider
06 april 2020, 18:17
Posted: 06 april 2020, 18:17

EcoDrift published a text version of the Inmotion V11 presentation (original post, rus)

On April 3, Inmotion finally introduced a new product around which there were so many rumors. Until that moment, all the characteristics, as well as the appearance, were kept in strict confidence. So meet.


Inmotion V11


Let's start with the tire. In the Inmotion range, 14 and 16-inch wheels were introduced. V11 is the first wheel with a diameter of 18 inches with a tire width of 3 inches. This is a great solution for bad and broken roads. Which tire, alas, is not reported, but we are promised an excellent balance of comfort and handling.




The pedals are not from the V8F. They were updated again. Judging by the image there is the usual sandpaper, so that the leg does not slip. Inmotion did not dare to switch to spikes.




Engine of own development. Its actual dimensions are not yet known to us, but the manufacturer says that the axis of the engine is 2 times larger.




The controller is equipped with 12 field-effect transistors, which allows you to confidently hold 3kW of power, which is 1.5 times more powerful than on the V10F. The size of the transistors and the type of connectors are not indicated. The image shows a three-dimensional model of the board, not a real controller. Engine power remains the same - 2 kW.



Improved ventilation system, which works in three versions:



Convection, i.e. natural heat transfer of air.

Conduction, i.e. heat transfer through radiators and heat exchangers

Forced air movement with a fan




Inmotion claims that the wheel is capable of dropping into a 35 ° slide. But it is not clear what the weight of the rider should be. Although, as we know, the 35 ° tilt is no longer the limit for monowheels. But this at least suggests that the wheel should have excellent traction.




The maximum speed is set at 50km / h. Inmotion emphasizes that this speed is only for professional riders.

Two modes are available for riding: comfort and classic.




The headlight is made in an automotive manner. Judging by the image above, we have additional protection made of transparent acrylic glass. And above the headlight there is a radiator. By default, your navigation light is not too bright. That the unicycle was clearly visible. But if you need to light the road, then a bright dipped beam is turned on. But the manufacturer said nothing about the presence of the upper light boundary.




By real brightness, the V11 headlight promises to be ahead of everyone with a light value of 7800lx (lux).




The tail light and brake light are also designed to make the unicycle more visible. Brightness increased to comparable to car taillights.



The handle is an important element of the wheel. Using the lever, the handle can be expanded:




In this position, the wheel is easy to roll next to you. Inmotion claims that the pen will be convenient for people with a height of up to 2 meters.




Of course, the sleep button under the handle for easy carrying so that the wheel does not spin. Inmotion focuses on a test of 100 thousand clicks and an exclusive patent. Although it is not clear what could have changed since the 15th year and the first Inmotion V5.




The battery of two assemblies on the elements 21700. The total capacity of 1420Wh. BMS on V11 is smarter. It monitors the state of each assembly and, if there are any problems, the wheel informs the user about it. Mileage up to 120km on one charge. Obviously, we are talking about a speed of 15km / h.




Two charging ports, which allows you to charge the wheel in 5 hours.

The V11 has a USB output for recharging your gadgets.


Huge ergonomic comfort pads on the shin case. This we have not seen.



In V11, the bandwagon appeared. A lot and often users asked to add a convenient footboard so that the wheel could stand. The footboard is located behind, during the ride it does not interfere in any way, it just goes down under the wheel so that it can be accurately set.






And the main feature of the V11 is its integrated suspension. The entire body of the monowheel remains stationary except for the pedal, side pads under the legs and handles. The stroke is up to 70mm due to the built-in pneumatic shock absorbers. The payback is the weight of V11 - it's 27 kg.


If everything goes well, then in May we will get the first sample to test how the suspension works and how much the wheel became more comfortable.



Weigh27 kg
Distance120 km
Speed50 km/h
Climbing angle35 degree
Max load120 kg
Charging time10 h ( 5 with 2 chargers)
Power2000 W (3000W max)
Battery1420 W∙h
Light18 W
Wheel size18 "
Tire3 "
BluetoothYes, 4.0
Size (cm)67.5*50*20


Vladimir Lavrulin
Vladimir Lavrulin
07 april 2020, 21:59
Posted: 07 april 2020, 21:59

Here is air spring suspension system GIF: