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Channel created: 13 january 2020, 22:35
Channel created: 13 january 2020, 22:35

Personal electric transport industry news

14 january 2020, 18:32
Posted: 14 january 2020, 18:32


Canadian inventor Ben Gulak of BPG-Technologies has developed a motorcycle that uses gyroscopic technology to stand directly on two wheels located side by side. Weighing only 60 kg, the motorcycle develops a maximum speed of 40 kilometers per hour and has a battery life of 2.5 hours. And although the motorcycle was introduced for a long time, on the streets there is still a product with such a design is extremely rare.


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14 january 2020, 12:57
Posted: 14 january 2020, 12:57

New renders from seagway?!


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13 january 2020, 22:50
Posted: 13 january 2020, 22:50

Pocket Rocket

The Pocket Rocket from Sol Motors in Germany is a great way to stand out from the crowd. However, an electric motorcycle with a unique design also accelerates faster than two-wheeled gasoline competitors, and weighs only 55 kg.


Two versions have been developed: the standard Pocket Rocket and the Rocket S version with a more powerful motor and without speed limit.

The first option is urban, and its maximum speed is 50 km / h. The rear wheel motor has a power of 4.5 kW.

This is a serious advantage compared to gas scooters, the power of which usually does not exceed 2.5 kW. Torque of 150 N * m.

The second, version “S” is even more powerful - a 6 kW engine and accelerates to 80 km / h.

Both versions have three modes: Eco, Sport and Wheelie. In the latter, removing restrictions on engine power, you are unlikely to drive more than 50 km on a single charge, and if you moderate your appetites, the range will increase to 80 km.

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13 january 2020, 22:38
Posted: 13 january 2020, 22:38

Big News from Gotway

The long-awaited upgrade to the hugely popular GotWay MSuper X;

We at Gotway are just as excited as you! With its excellent performance and reliability, the MSuper has won everyone's love and respect.

It is now time to take the hugely popular MSuper to the next level!

We give you the MSuper Pro!

This time, Msuper Pro has a major upgrade!
1- 19 inch skid resistance Tire
2- Double T6 head light , Intelligent brightness
3- Super heat sink fan
4- 35w BT music
5- 2500w motor
6- 100v 1800wh 21700 battery
7- Lift up switch
Official sale date: March 1, 2020 !!!


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