DC News
13 january 2020, 22:38
DC News
13 january 2020, 22:38

Big News from Gotway

The long-awaited upgrade to the hugely popular GotWay MSuper X;

We at Gotway are just as excited as you! With its excellent performance and reliability, the MSuper has won everyone's love and respect.

It is now time to take the hugely popular MSuper to the next level!

We give you the MSuper Pro!

This time, Msuper Pro has a major upgrade!
1- 19 inch skid resistance Tire
2- Double T6 head light , Intelligent brightness
3- Super heat sink fan
4- 35w BT music
5- 2500w motor
6- 100v 1800wh 21700 battery
7- Lift up switch
Official sale date: March 1, 2020 !!!


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