electro.club Updates
03 november 2020, 21:45
, views: 1011
electro.club Updates
03 november 2020, 21:45
, views: 1011

Uploading tracks via API


WheelLog and WheelLog AJDM are the first applications to support uploading tracks to electro.club via API. Now you don't have to upload tracks through the website or telegram @electroclubbot, the application will do everything on its own. Just set the "Upload to electro.club"  option and go through the authorization inside the application itself. If necessary, you can specify the MAC address of your wheel in the "Garage" section so that the tracks are immediately loaded to the desired device. All tracks linked to models in your garage are automatically included in the ranking of the best riders:


WheelLog can be installed here:


WheelLog AJDM can be installed here:



Both applications are configured identically. You must enable this option in the settings:


The application will ask for a username and password for electro.club:


If everything is in order, the following message will appear:


By default, logs will be loaded without binding to a specific transport. To load them with binding, you need to register the MAC address of the wheel in the "Profile -> Garage -> Your wheel" section:


Find out the MAC address of the wheel in the application here:


Enjoy your use! 🙂

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