Постоянный ток
24 january 2022, 19:33
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Постоянный ток
24 january 2022, 19:33
, views: 149

В сети появились данные о новом Begode Master



Product Size 20 inches
Product Color Red
Dimension (pedals folded) 567mm*330mm*628mm
Dimension 567mm*496mm*628mm
Pedal Size 133*288mm
Pedal Height 220mm
Tolley Height 1000mm
The position of the controller On top
Tire Size 2.75-14
Anti-Spin Button YES
Net Weight 36kg
Rough weight 41kg
Trail Lights YES
BT Speaker NO
Headlights YES
Charging port  GX20 4P
Charger 134.4V/3A
Headlights  7000 lumen
Voltage  134.4V
Motor power 3500W Torque Motor
Endurance 120-180KM (70kg rider)
Battery Capicity 2400wh 134v
Suspension travel 80mm Adjustable Damping
High performance motherboard 24 Units Mosfet
Wireless upgrade YES
First class speed alarm 30 km/h
Second class speed alarm 45 km/h
Free spin speed 112 km/h
Cooling fans start 50°C
Current limit 240A
Overheat alarm 79°C
Overvoltage alarm 136V

Low power alarm

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