Kingsong KS-18A 680Wh
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Speed: 40 km/h
Power:1200 W
Declared range:60 km

Battery:Li-Ion 680Втч
Voltage:58 V
Battery capacity:11.6 A⋅h
Max load:120 kg
Clearance:13 cm
Tire size:18 ″
Weight:19.5 kg
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Монотуризм_Благ_Старобирючево_КрГорка_Сарва.gpx 156.21531785907 98909 5.6857833391568
Аслыкуль - Кандрыкуль 116.30227414487 44393 9.4314010524527
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Jeronimo701 157
RJ 61
lacras 28
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Paukan 3D Print 19
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Sleepy 11
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Invulnerable 6
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Comparison with other models
NameKingsong KS-18A 680WhGotway MCM4 HS 520whGotWay Nikola 1300Wh 84V Black
Weight19.5 kg14.2 kg24.5 kg
Power1200 W800 W2000 W
Speed40 km/h35 km/h50 km/h
Declared range60 km50 km120 km
Actual range38 km
BatteryLi-Ion 680ВтчPanasonic NCR 18650PFЛитий-ионный Panasonic NCR18650PF
Voltage58 V67 V84 V
Battery capacity11.6 A⋅h15.48 A⋅h
120 kg120 kg120 kg
BrakeРекуперацияРекуперативный тормоз
Clearance13 cm11 cm12 cm
Tire size18 "14 "17 "
Other namesKSWheel 18A

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