Ultron T118
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Speed: 90 km/h
Power:3200 W
Declared range:70 km

Voltage:60 V
Battery capacity:30 A⋅h
Max load:150 kg
Clearance:20 cm
Tire size:11 ″
Weight:45 kg
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Bikemaniak 43
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Comparison with other models
NameE-Micro oneDualtron 2 LTDUltron T118
Weight7.5 kg30 kg45 kg
Power500 W1600 W3200 W
Speed25 km/h65 km/h90 km/h
Declared range12 km120 km70 km
Actual range85 km60 km
BatteryлитионныйLG Li-ion/Samsung Li-ionLi-ion
Voltage36 V60 V60 V
Battery capacity2.2 A⋅h28 A⋅h30 A⋅h
100 kg120 kg150 kg
BrakeСистема рекуперативного торможенияМеханический, электронныйгидравлические
Clearance5 cm20 cm
Tire size6 "10 "11 "
Other namesEMicro One

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