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Channel created: 24 march 2020, 21:21
Channel created: 24 march 2020, 21:21

All about electro.club updates and new features

22 november 2020, 19:01
Posted: 22 november 2020, 19:01

Updates in the Tracks section

  • When you click on a track point in the information window that appears, you can get a link to that point.
  • CSV tracks in the same window will have a button to display a part of the CSV file, in which the current record will be highlighted, and 100 records before and after are shown.
  • In the "Tracks" section there are now 3 ratings for the last week: total mileage, mileage per trip and maximum average speed.
  • Updated table with tracks in all sections of the site. A column with a track image appeared in it. Hovering over the image enlarges the image.
  • In the main menu in the "Tools" section, a subsection "Applications" has appeared. It will contain a description and links to all applications that work with tracks or other API functions electro.club
  • In the personal account, the tracks are placed in a separate section "Tracks". Tracks are no longer displayed in the "Map" section.


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03 november 2020, 21:45
Posted: 03 november 2020, 21:45

Uploading tracks via API


WheelLog and WheelLog AJDM are the first applications to support uploading tracks to electro.club via API. Now you don't have to upload tracks through the website or telegram @electroclubbot, the application will do everything on its own. Just set the "Upload to electro.club"  option and go through the authorization inside the application itself. If necessary, you can specify the MAC address of your wheel in the "Garage" section so that the tracks are immediately loaded to the desired device. All tracks linked to models in your garage are automatically included in the ranking of the best riders:


WheelLog can be installed here:


WheelLog AJDM can be installed here:



Both applications are configured identically. You must enable this option in the settings:


The application will ask for a username and password for electro.club:


If everything is in order, the following message will appear:


By default, logs will be loaded without binding to a specific transport. To load them with binding, you need to register the MAC address of the wheel in the "Profile -> Garage -> Your wheel" section:


Find out the MAC address of the wheel in the application here:


Enjoy your use! 🙂

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24 march 2020, 21:23
Posted: 24 march 2020, 21:23

Site moved to Germany


Friends! This weekend our site moved to a new server located in Germany. 

Now we have x4 disk space for storing images, documents and tracks. Our Telegram bot is no longer dependent on proxy servers, and the site does not depend on a showdown of the owners of Russian providers. Along with the move, it would be foolish at the same time not to upgrade: we switched to ngnix and php7. The average response time from the server for Russian users increased by 0.3 seconds, but still remains fast enough for comfortable navigation on the site. And for the planned launch of partitions for users from other countries, this server location can have a positive effect. Now we can again focus on the development of functionality.

Thank you for being with us! 🙂

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