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Channel created: 24 march 2020, 21:21
Channel created: 24 march 2020, 21:21

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24 march 2020, 21:23
Posted: 24 march 2020, 21:23

Site moved to Germany


Friends! This weekend our site moved to a new server located in Germany. 

Now we have x4 disk space for storing images, documents and tracks. Our Telegram bot is no longer dependent on proxy servers, and the site does not depend on a showdown of the owners of Russian providers. Along with the move, it would be foolish at the same time not to upgrade: we switched to ngnix and php7. The average response time from the server for Russian users increased by 0.3 seconds, but still remains fast enough for comfortable navigation on the site. And for the planned launch of partitions for users from other countries, this server location can have a positive effect. Now we can again focus on the development of functionality.

Thank you for being with us! 🙂

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