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#злоедет, друзья!
Катаю по ту сторону на моноколесе иногда бываю в вашем измерении ✌️

Снимаю прыжки через гиперпространство на камеру


#злоедет is a some kind of a word play, where ЗЛО is omonim of Z10, which typed in Russian as З(Z)Л(1 as L letter) and O(as zero or capital o),
ЗЛО in direct translation is equal to EVIL in English, it's just funny fact :)
And about ЕДЕТ(ride), it's sort of local meme. During testdrives most of old-school-experience riders complains that Z10 have differed-shifted learning curve in comparison to thin tires, it's hard (or relatively difficult) in turns and can only ride straight forward, so it is just "word play" of #Z10RIDE, as denial of #Z10DONOTRIDE, lol

#злоедет = #evilriders. Z10 in russian looks like "зло" which means "evil". So basically it is #z10rides.

(?emoji smiling evil ) = evil (eng) = зло (rus) = zLo (eng transcription) = Z(eng) 10 (Leet ). #злоедет = evil rides = ninebot z10 owners welcome and banter haters


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